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Style: Adult swimsuit

This quality and elegant swimsuit features your perfect body contour yet soft and comfortable to wear for all of your water activities outdoor and indoor.

  • Polyester

  • Good fitting to your body, does not hold up to the water that drags you down

  • Chic design, comfortable and breatheable.

  • Conservative small flat angle designed to make you look slimmer and fitter.

  • U-shaped back, easy to wear, convenient for underwater activities, comfortable swimming experience.

  • More attentive design, fine workmanship, soft fabric, show off your figure, classic and sexy, give you full points of comfort and beauty.

This product would normally take 2 to 4 business days to manufacture and we will ship your order immediately after production.

Bikini Top
Size XS S M L XL
Cup bottom width 23cm/9.06" 24.5cm/9.65" 26cm/10.24" 27.5cm/10.83" 29cm/11.42
Cup height (excluding tunnel) 17cm/6.69" 18cm/7.09" 19cm/7.48" 20cm/7.87" 21cm/8.27"
Inside and outside of cup (without tunnel) 17cm/6.69" 18cm/7.09" 19cm/7.48" 20cm/7.87" 21cm/8.27"
Strap length 45cm/17.72" 45cm/17.72" 45cm/17.72" 45cm/17.72" 45cm/17.72"
Chest strap length 105cm/41.34" 110cm/43.31 115cm/45.28" 120cm/47.24" 125cm/49.21"
Bikini Shorts
Size XS S M L XL
1/2 waist (straight) 33cm/12.99" 35cm/13.78" 37cm/14.57" 39cm/15.35" 41cm/16.14"
1/2 waist (drawing amount) 49cm/19.29" 51cm/20.08" 53cm/20.87" 55cm/21.65" 57cm/22.44"
Forerunner 27cm/10.63" 28cm/11.02" 29cm/11.42" 30cm/11.81" 31cm/12.2"
Side wave 24cm/9.45" 25cm/9.84" 26cm/10.24" 27cm/10.63" 28cm/11.02"
Back seam 4cm/1.57" 4cm/1.57" 4cm/1.57" 4cm/1.57" 4cm/1.57"
1/2 foot mouth 27cm/10.63" 28cm/11.02" 29cm/11.42" 30cm/11.81" 31cm/12.2"
Crotch bottom width 10.5cm/4.13" 11.5cm/4.53" 12.5cm/4.92" 13.5cm/5.31" 14.5cm/5.71"
Crotch lining length 17cm/6.69" 17cm/6.69" 17cm/6.69" 17cm/6.69" 17cm/6.69"
5cm on the back crotch 18cm/7.09" 19cm/7.48" 20cm/7.87" 21cm/8.27" 22cm/8.66"
15cm below the waist 24cm/9.45" 26cm/10.24" 28cm/11.02" 30cm/11.81" 32cm/12.6"